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Covid19 has been a blight on people's lives both here in the UK and around the world, and I am all too conscious of the loss and stress that people have been suffering for many months now.  I very much hope that as 2021 progresses and the vaccines can be "rolled out" that we can return to something approaching normal life again. May I offer my best wishes to everyone as you continue to live with serious restrictions, illness, stress, and worsening of the effects of disability generally.  


As far as my work is concerned, I work entirely digitally. Most of what I do is easily done in my home office.  The restrictions make it less easy to visit people at home, though this remains permissible for work purposes. I will only do this when high standards of hygiene can be maintained so that it is safe, and when my clients are happy for us to meet in that way.  It is, of course, far better for me to see first-hand how my clients live and gain a better understanding of their needs. However, we will make do with Zoom etc. for remote meetings when we need to.  

Similarly there are restrictions on court hearings "in person", though I have done hearings including trials, with evidence fully tested, both "in person" and "remotely". As a result, I am fully conversant with the necessary processes and systems.  We can discuss these matters fully as a case progresses, but you should have no concerns as to my ability to operate fully effectively in these difficult times.

Finally, as incoming Chair of the Bar Council's Wellbeing At The Bar Working Group, I am fully alert to and will always aim to help with the Wellbeing issues which arise from the pandemic and its effect upon clients and their families, as well as upon lawyers and judges and court staff.  


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Types of Work Undertaken

Complex Injury

Injuries which are complicated in themselves, such as surgical injuries, birth injuries or death (to mother and baby), catastrophic injuries, head injury and brain injury, spinal injury, industrial diseases and illnesses, and other rare or unusual diseases and illnesses.  Injuries involving significant and often permanent disability or death.  Psychiatric injuries which have long term effects and seriously inhibit enjoyment of life. Rheumatological and other neurological injuries such as fybromyalgia or chronic fatigue and pain syndromes.  Losses suffered by dependants in Fatal Accident claims (which includes deaths resulting from cumulative or "delayed" injury eg. by exposure to asbestos).  See further information in FAQs.

How caused?

Serious injury may arise in any aspect of life, but is often a result of road accidents (RTA), sports injuries, workplace accidents (especially involving falls from height or dangerous vehicles and machinery), or exposure to dangerous substances or agents (eg. asbestos, other carcinogens, heat, fire, noise, vibration, fumes, dust etc.), or medical accidents or failures to treat conditions properly.

Strategic and Appellate work

I am a leading advocate and strategic analyst and negotiator.  I am happy to be asked to advise and lead in appeal and other strategic work across a variety of legal specialties.  See further here and examples of relevant work here.


The technical stuff

Digital working

I like to save the trees, and to stop myself getting the sorts of muskuloskeletal injury common amongst lawyers carrying heavy bags of case papers and authorities.  So I work digitally, which is generally more efficient anyway; see here for how this works better for the client.  If you need help preparing papers for submission digitally, just ask.

Maximising Damages

In the time I have been practising, the correct computation of damages awards has become an increasingly complex process, though it remains "both science and art".  I am especially experienced in and prepared for the technicalities of this work.  See more information here.


Storing information electronically/digitally means that I have obligations to protect your data.  I am a Data Controller registered with and licensed by the Information Commisioner's Office.  Please see our GDPR Policy here.

Terms of Working

Save to extent and expressly agreed otherwise, all of the work I do is upon the Standard Bar Council Contractual Terms as updated from time to time and published here


I have not in more than 3 decades of practice had a professional complaint made against me, but that does not alter my obligation to have a proper complaints system.  Please see our Complaints Procedure here.


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Please note I can practise throughout England & Wales and beyond, and like to meet clients where they live, but my "official" work address is:

Theo Huckle QC

21 Old Buildings

Lincoln's Inn

London  WC2A 3UP

Tel. 0204 5 428 328

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Theo Huckle QC

Independent Leading Counsel - Serious and Complex Injury

Tel. 0204 5 428 328

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