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Terms & Conditions

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Direct Public Access work

The specific work and terms of engagement including fees will be agreed in advance of any work undertaken, and confirmed in the letter of engagement. I apply the Bar Standards Board's recommended standard terms adapted to my specific practice which you can find here.

Work for Solicitors

Subject to specific agreement, I work on instruction from solicitors under latest edition of the Bar Council's Standard Contractual Terms which you can find here.

CFA work requires separate agreement using terms based upon the APIL PIBA terms. There require to be updated more frequently, so please email to ask for a copy of the latest terms suitable for the case with which you would like my help. Please note that it is a standard term of my CFA agreements that in case of any conflict between their terms and those of the standard contractual terms above, those of the specific CFA prevail. When you instruct me I will send you a copy of my applicable CFA, including the applicable standard terms. Any work I do upon your instruction is necessarily upon those notified terms.